Loading has never been easier. Only $119.95. Buy Now

Load Stripper Clips

Load Loose Ammo

Fast, Durable, Light

Designed to meet military demands in combat conditions. Can’t fail, break or jam!

Load any AR magazine in seconds. If you have stripper clips it’s as simple as dropping the clip in the bottom of the loader and pushing the rod. If you have loose ammo, just drop the rounds in the top of the loader and do the same. Either way, it is fast and simple. Best of all, the loader stays connected to the magazine so you don’t have to keep removing it as you load more rounds. No more sore fingers from loading magazines!!!

Load Stripper Clips

Load 30 rounds in 10 seconds using stripper clips!

Remove the slide from the loader and drop the stripper clip into the slot. The clip falls out when you push the rounds into the magazine. Repeat the process until the magazine is full. There is no need to remove the loader from the magazine; saving time and effort.

Load Loose Ammo fast into AR Magazines

Load loose ammo with ease

Loose rounds take a bit longer. Just drop into loading slot and ram’em home ten at a time! Repeat until full. The loader stays connected to the magazine until loading is complete.

Ammo Ram
Loading has never been easier. Only $119.95. Buy Now

No More Sore Thumbs

  • Aluminum body is strong and durable
  • Oilite bushing ensures smooth long lasting operation
  • Slider on the bottom is removed for loading stripper clips
  • Metal rod and ram will not wear, even after thousands of rounds
  • Knob fits comfortably in the palm of your hand for secure operation
  • Notched end securely holds magazines so they are stable and easy to load without removing the magazine
  • Magazine is secured by the loader just like it attaches in weapon, preventing slipping/dropping, etc
  • Made in USA